Two Class Discount

The benefits of yoga are greatly enhanced if you practice more than once a week. A wake up stretch, a few deep breaths, a moment of contemplation are helpful at any time of the day. As yoga has a tendency to spill over into daily life anyway you have probably started to include these moments already.

But even better is a second class each week and because not everyone has the space or the discipline to do this at home I’m offering a discount to those who already come to one of my classes.

If you book 2 classes a week you get one class FREE per half term.

Second class options are:
Tuesday Amberley (Hatha Flow)
Wednesday Minchinhampton (Gentle)
Thursday Rodborough (Yin)
Friday Selsley (Gentle)

See timetable for further details, please contact Elles to apply.

Yoga Video

Over the Christmas holidays I intend to make a proper yoga practice video. This is something many people have asked for over the years and it looks like it is finally going to happen! Like the idea? Here’s how you can help us make it work:

We’re planning to make two videos:
The Golden Seed: a short flowing sequence which we’ve been practising at the Devon Retreat and in the Gentle Yoga class.
Home Practice Sequence: a 25 minute session that covers the basics, suitable for all abilities.

BUT as it’s going to be a quality production by a semi-professional videographer I would like to ask for your support and a donation of £5 or £10 towards the project would be most gratefully received.

The videos will be made public and free of charge.
This is a non-profit venture. Any surplus funds will be donated to

If you’d like to contribute please send me a message and I’ll send you the details.

Spring Yoga Retreat 2018

Spring Weekend Retreat, 27-29 April 2018

Two whole days to slow right down and find a real sense of peace through the practice of yin yoga and meditation in beautiful rural Devon.

More information here!

New Yin Yoga Class Cirencester

Pleased to announce that from Wednesday 8 November I will be starting a new Yin Yoga class at Unicorn House in Cirencester, 7.30 – 8.45 pm.

Unicorn House has a beautiful and comfortable yoga space with underfloor heating. It’s in the centre of town and has plenty of private parking.

Classes are £10 and can only be booked in blocks. This term there will be 6 classes until Christmas.

Please contact Elles or Unicorn House if you are interested.


Summer Yoga 2017

24 July – 4 August 2017 – FREE YOGA CLASSES ON THE COMMON
Two weeks of daily Summer Yoga classes on Rodborough common, taking in those glorious views while you stretch, breathe and unwind. Find out more about this yoga event, directions, class times and what to bring. And watch this video for a first impression!

Yin Yoga Workshop Series

Yin Yoga is a gentle and meditative style of yoga. It is a wonderful antidote to a busy life and a great way to access the innate healing response of the body.

There is so much to learn within and about yin yoga that one workshop can’t cover it all. Hence the opportunity to explore this practice in more detail with this four-part series:
Part 1(13 November) will be about the physical aspects of yin yoga (fully booked)
Extra workshop part 1 on 4 December!
Part 2 (22 January) will focus on the energetic aspects
Part 3 (19 March) will go deeper into the mental aspect
Part 4 (14 May) will bring particular awareness to the influence of the breath

All workshops take place at Stroud Yoga Space from 10 – 12 on a Sunday morning.
£20 per workshop or £70 for all four.
Please go to Yin Yoga Workshop Series for more info and how to book.