About Elles

Elles Theulen set out to be a teacher after many years of personal practice and an increasing desire to share her experience and passion for yoga and meditation with others.

“I had always considered yoga to be a private affair, going about it in my own little way, until I found out what a well of inspiration and what a joy teaching yoga could be. I love being able to create a peaceful setting in which people can become still and settled within themselves.”

Over the past twenty five years she sought out many different teachers, exploring various styles within the fields of yoga, meditation and holistic therapies.

“It all started in 1992 with my end paper on HD Thoreau, a 19th century American writer, who often referred to Eastern philosophy and hammered home the concept of ‘self-reliance’.* The travels that followed graduation eventually landed me in India, where I stayed in an ashram for several years and got to experiment with a mix of meditation, dance, bodywork, art and psychotherapy.

In 1999 I encountered yoga, in which the essence of what I’d learnt thus far came together. From then on yoga became my practice, and after several years of Sivananda and Iyengar classes, workshops in Scaravelli and Slow Flow, retreats in Ashtanga and Yin Yoga, and many books on anatomy, yoga philosophy and history, I eventually qualified to teach Hatha Yoga (through Integral Yoga) in 2012 and Yin Yoga (through Sarah Powers) level 1 in 2015, level 2 in 2017, and completing the Somatic Yin Yoga training (Jade Wood) in 2018.

Alongside yoga I developed an interest in Buddhism, practiced meditations of various traditions, attending retreats in Vipassana, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism. More recently I discovered the wonderful simplicity of Taoism, which fits in perfectly with my love for yin yoga.”

The best teaching however has come from her own daily practice routine. “Absorbing knowledge, expert advice and another’s point of view are absolutely essential, but what you learn from meeting yourself on the mat every day is invaluable. Taking responsibility for your state of health and mind is really empowering.”

Elles teaches yoga classes in various locations near Stroud, as well as in her own bijou studio in Rodborough. She is a member of the Independent Yoga Network and is fully insured. She continues her own training in yoga and meditation through courses and retreats worldwide.

*’To be a philosopher is not merely to have subtle thoughts […] but so to love wisdom as to live according to its dictates, a life of simplicity, independence, magnanimity and trust.’
(HD Thoreau – Walden 1854)