Yin Yoga Workshops

NEW: Yin Yoga Workshop Online, 31 January 2021, 10 – 12am

Yin Yoga Workshop Series 2019/2020


Yin Yoga is an excellent practice to help us reach into ourselves, we get lots of time to feel, to adjust, to be with the sensations that arise. It is time itself that allows deep tissue to release and give the joints more breathing space. In the gentle less-is-more approach of somatic yin yoga we may employ slow and small movements to help the body to unwind. We look for pleasure rather than pain and within it we find a wonderful opportunity to heal.

The body is held together not by our bones or muscles but by an intricate network of connective tissue, also called fascia. Long overlooked by scientists it is now increasingly considered one of the most vital structures of the body. Fascia covers each and every organ, muscle, bone, blood vessel and the spaces in between, enabling communication between cells, transportation of nutrition and water, mobility within joints and between muscles, the movement of Chi along the meridians. It forms a matrix that connects each and every part of the body.
You can imagine how important it is to keep this intricate web of tissue healthy and able to move freely, as knots or obstructions can cause pain or dis-ease.

In somatic yin yoga we allow the body to snuggle its way towards a comfortable and effective yin yoga pose. A roll of the head, a lift and drop of a shoulder or just a directed deep breath can provide the invitation to release tension in the fascia and settle into a pose with more awareness.

In this series we will take a closer look at what fascia are made of, how its structure supports us and how we can positively affect it. There will be images and videos, 3D models and other tools to get an idea of it before we venture into a lovely, long, gentle, inquisitive yin yoga sequence to feel our way into the fascia, its connections and dimensions within our very own bodies.

Each workshop will have a slightly different emphasis, but they can done individually as well as the complete series. They are suitable for all abilities, though some experience of yoga is recommended.

29 September – Fascial Connections (fully booked)
24 November – Spirals and Diagonals 
26 January – Breathing
22 March – The Movement of Chi
17 May – Non-Doing

10 – 12 am Stroud Yoga Space
£22 per workshop (or £100 for all five)
Advance booking only, please contact Elles.