Hatha Flow Yoga

A Hatha Flow class starts with a gentle warm up followed by a sun salutation: an energising flowing sequence of yoga poses. Then we explore several standing, seated and floor based asanas in more detail. These active poses will strengthen and lengthen the muscles, and bring you in tune with the alignment of the body and the breath.
We always include one or two passive poses as well, letting gravity do the work. These so-called Yin poses strengthen the ligaments, freeing up the joints, and give you time to observe the response from the body and mind.
The class ends with a restorative deep relaxation and a short meditation.
Each week will have a slightly different variety of asanas, though breath and awareness always remain key elements.

Elles’ yoga classes aim to find a healthy balance between the active and receptive, and to invite consciousness into the movement. You learn to look for the right balance between effort and relaxation within the asanas, to challenge yourself whilst respecting your bounderies. You also learn to fully let go of all tension and allow the body complete rest during the relaxation, and to observe and calm the mind during meditation.

There are two Hatha Flow classes each week:
Monday 7.30 – 9 pm at Stroud Yoga Space (This is an Intermediate class is for those who have done some yoga before and have an awareness of their own abilities. Being ‘intermediate’ doesn’t mean you need to be super flexible though! Being stiff is okay, being patient even better.)
Tuesday 7.30 – 9 pm at Amberley Parish Rooms (This is an All Levels class and suitable for beginners as well as experienced practitioners.)

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