Private Yoga

Private Yoga Sessions are a great way to receive yoga tuition that is tailored to your individual needs. Elles teaches students in their own home, at their workplace during lunch break and in her yoga studio in Rodborough, available from Tuesday to Friday.
One to one sessions are about one hour long and cost £45 as a one-off, £35 for weekly bookings.*
Private group sessions are an option as well, costs will vary depending on the number of participants.

Please contact Elles for more details and availability.

What to expect?

A private yoga lesson will be adapted to whatever the situation asks for. Perhaps you simply want it to be like a normal class because you can’t come to any of the timetabled ones. Perhaps you’d like some personal input on your yoga practice and the difficulties you come across, or fine-tune certain poses. Whatever the case may be a private lesson is always a wonderful opportunity to really focus on your practice and get more in-depth attention.

A private lesson can also be a good option if you have certain health issues or are recovering from illness. We will explore particular asanas and yogic exercises that will encourage the healing process or improve your range of motion. Elles has worked with ailments such as asthma, frozen shoulder, heart palpitations, osteoporosis, depression and anxiety, all of which can really benefit from yoga.

*  Cancellation policy: Please note that sessions will be charged in full unless cancelled or rearranged 24 hours before the time.