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Live Yoga Online

For as long as the circumstances around the Coronavirus keep us more or less indoors, Elles will be offering an online yoga session every Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm via Zoom: one Hatha Yoga and one Yin Yoga class.

Both classes start with a gentle opening to connect with the body and find the support of the ground. They end with a deep rest and meditation.

The Tuesday sessions will focus more on strength, stability and balance. This is not a fierce work out: we will be looking for a way to build strength gradually and with ease, to find an integrated and coordinated strength throughout the body. (See Hatha Yoga for more details)

The Thursday session is on softening, releasing and yielding. This will bring stillness and self-enquiry into your practice. The poses are fairly passive and we stay with them for a while, yet not too strictly as we will also give in to somatic exploration. (See Yin Yoga for more details)

Both classes qualify as ‘gentle’, and everyone can take them at their own pace, adding more or doing less as appropriate. They have one common goal: to bring your perception, your consciousness, to your body, your sensations, and to the here & now.

I would wholeheartedly recommend, if you have the time/can afford it, to do both, because the softness of yin and the strength of yang complement each other so well; they teach each other, they learn from each other.

To sign up for the online sessions please click here.

Zoom is a meeting platform that is very easy to use. You don’t even need to have the App. Once you’ve signed up you will receive a link with further instructions on the Wednesday before 6pm. Lay out a nice area in your house with a mat or blanket, perhaps a few cushions, and place the computer, tablet or phone where you can see it.
You can log on 15 minutes ahead of time so you can make sure everything is working and perhaps even say hello to the other participants, before we begin at 7.30.
You’ll then follow along with the yoga instructions in whichever way works best for you.
After we wrap up you can exit the meeting and relax in your own space or stick around for a few more minutes of discussion and community.

I shall look forward to seeing you in my yoga room!

Practice Videos

Below are four yoga videos free for you to use as you see fit.

They are a great way to keep up your yoga practice at home.
No need for props, just your willingness and a little bit of time!

The first one is a 60 minute Yin Yoga session, perfect after a long walk or a busy day at work.
The second video is a short but very effective Daoist flow.
The third is a half hour Gentle Yoga session that touches upon many of the classic poses.
The fourth one is a variation of the Sun Salutation.

Simply click on the images below and enjoy!

Summer Yoga

This is the video introduction we made a few years ago about the annual yoga event on Rodborough Common.
The dates for the Summer Yoga in 2020 are still to be confirmed.

Yin Yoga

This is an adept and fun way of changing sides in the yin pose ‘Shoelace’. You might get a little tangled up though! 😉