Next week means midterm for many people, but our yoga classes WILL BE ON regardless.
In fact it will be an extra special yoga class, which will be a bit of a treat. A bit of a holiday for the body.
On these wet and windswept days it’s good to give our aching bones some respite.
So next week we will do what might be called Yin Yoga, or Remedial Yoga.
This includes longer held poses using bolsters to drape your body over.
Allowing the body to gradually give in to gravity in a comfortable position will induce a deep sense of rest and an easing of the muscles that happens all on its own.

So don’t miss out, don’t let the weather get to you!

Bring a bolster or a rolled up blanket, which we can tie up with the belts. Some sofas have loose arm rests that would function perfectly.
You want some soft but firm padding (so a pillow is not enough, unless you have two and stuff them in a tight pillow case)
Dimension roughly 60 cm long (2 feet) 25 cm wide (10 inches) and 15 cm thick (6 inches).