Turn Up Tune In – Daily Meditation for Everybody

Monday to Friday 7.30 – 8 am, via Zoom.
Next course 10 May to 28 May 
New to TUTI:
please book here

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Wake up to your day and take this precious moment to tend to your body and mind, with the support of others who are there to do the same.

Apart from the acronym, TUTI means deciding to embrace life wholeheartedly, with totality, open to its potential and to everything that it may bring. Meditation is a method that teaches you to do exactly that. These mediation mornings will give you courage, clarity and a fresh, joyful start to our day. 

10 minutes of gentle yoga/wake up stretch
10 minutes of meditation
10 minutes of meditation
You can choose to do 10, 20 or the full 30 minutes, depending on your time limits or interest and join as many days as you like.

Costs for the three weeks:
£30 for first TUTI only
£15 for returning TUTI’s
£15 for students who also do a weekly Kishori yoga class (Use Coupon Code TUTI-50)

  • You will receive many tips to point the way and a short introduction to the why’s and wherefore’s of the way Elles teaches meditation.
  • Instructions during the session will be kept to a minimum so as not to intrude too much upon the silence of your pristine morning.
  • On Fridays you can stay on 10 minutes longer for some suggestions for an after meditation stretch.
  • The Sunday (at 5 pm) before the course starts you will be invited to a short Open Introduction for any questions, to try out Zoom, to set up your space.
  • Suitable for all abilities, whether you are new to meditation or not. Both the gentle yoga/wake up stretch and the meditation can be done on a chair.

TUTI also stands for the ‘method’ we use in the meditation. I put it in quotation marks because we use as little method as we can. It is an open, all-inclusive way of ‘being present to what is’.
My 30 years of experience with meditation first started in 1990 with Zen. Since then I have sought out many different methods and traditions to find a better understanding. This process is still evolving although the search has become more internal. I am very much indebted to the masterful teachings of Lama Alan Wallace (Buddhist), Shi Jing (Daoist) and Osho (Just Being).

TUTI = Not For Profit:
Although we have not reached the profit threshold at this early stage, once we do part of your fee will go on to support Thosamling, a Buddhist nunnery in the north of India. ( 
Elles is not a Buddhist and TUTI is not a Buddhist practice, but this contribution will hopefully encourage us in the notion that ultimately our meditation will benefit all beings. 

TUTI dates 2021:
1. 11 – 29 January 
2. 8 – 26 February 
3. 8 – 26 March 
4. 12 – 30 April
5. 10 – 28 May

This moment is not a measure of time.
It has no beginning and no end.