Pranayama Meditation

This term I will introduce one of two new pranayama meditation practices to each class, called Kapalabhati and Chakra Breathing meditation.

In the Hatha class we’ll practice a form of Kapalabhati, an age old method to wake up our energy and bring strength and focus to the lower belly.
Here‘s a very short but clear article about it.
And you can find a video here.

In the Yin class we’ll practice a variation of Chakra Breathing, which draws our attention towards the subtle sensations of the body and helps us recognise where our force of habit might be holding tension.

In the Gentle class we’ll practice one of the two, depending on the theme of the day.

I hope to post a video explainer on these meditations soon for you to refer to, so watch this space!

Of course we’ll also end the class with a short meditation, preceded by a deep relaxation as always.