31 May – 3 June 2021
Fully booked – waitlist

A delightful opportunity to brighten up your soul and nourish your body and mind in a spectacularly beautiful environment. Bala Brook is a magical place, a haven of peace and tranquility right on the edge of Dartmoor, surrounded by nothing but nature.

Ample time for gentle yoga, meditation and long walks on the moor, to sit around the fire, to meet with friends new and old and to spend quality time with yourself. It will be a celebration of life returning.

Delicious, healthy meals will be provided by vegan chef Maria-Carin.

In order to have enough space in the yoga shala the number of participants is reduced to 11 and each person will have their own room. There are 5 singles ensuite and 6 singles sharing a bathroom with one other.
£395 for a single with shared bathroom
£425 for a single ensuite
The rooms are all different shapes and sizes and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.
To book please contact Elles. (Should the retreat be cancelled due to a change in Covid regulation you will receive a full refund.)

The program (times may vary according to the weather):
Arrival from 5 pm
Dinner 7 pm
Restorative Yoga 8.30 – 9.30

Tuesday and Wednesday:
7.30 – 8am Meditation
Light breakfast
10 – 11.30 am Yoga
12.00 Lunch
Time for walking or wandering or a dip in the icy brook?
Or an active meditation session if the weather forces us indoors.
4pm Snack
4.30 – 6.30pm Somatic Yin Yoga
7pm Dinner
8.30 – 9.30 Evening session

7.30 – 8am Meditation
Light breakfast
10 – 11am Yoga
11.30am Lunch
Departure 1pm

The retreat is set up in accordance with current Covid guidelines. We will adhere to the regulations that will be in place at the time, so we should be prepared for the usual protocols, such as wearing a mask in communal spaces (though not outside or while doing yoga or eating!) and the general cleanliness we’ve become familiar with.


 29 – 31 October 2021
Yin Yoga and Meditation retreat
The Barton, Devon:

A long weekend to slow right down and find a real sense of peace through the practice of yin yoga, movement and meditation.

This retreat encompasses a wide range of methods for body awareness and meditation. It taps into the wisdom of Buddhism, Taoism, Yoga, Anatomy and Somatic Movement to bring out your capacity to feel at one with yourself.

Over this Autumn weekend we put everything into place for you to let go of the stress and restlessness of our usual world, and allow the body to relax, the mind to settle and come to know our true nature: contentment.
The practice of yin yoga is a gentle way of reaching deep into the body, freeing up the joints and reenergising the whole system so we feel more mobile and more alive. 

Although rarely practiced in a regular class Yin Yoga also encompasses Yang flows to wake up the body, some of which we will practice in the morning.
We also use somatic movement, a gentle way of bringing awareness to how the body moves if we leave it to find its natural range.
Meditation reveals what our thoughts and feelings are made of and taps into our consciousness that can see beyond them. It helps us to listen to ourselves and to our bodies more carefully so we can make better choices in life.

The Barton is a secluded farm in Mid-Devon surrounded by nothing but countryside with far reaching views and short or long walks inside or beyond its gates. It’s profoundly quiet and peaceful, no sounds of cars or worldly white noise, just a few chickens scraping about and the hoot of an owl at night.
We will stay in two converted barns – woody, cosy, yet bright and spacious – one of which houses the dining room, the other the yoga space, and there’s a heated indoor swimming pool as well. The facilities are great, the rooms that aren’t ensuite have several bathrooms to choose from, and there are various indoor lounge areas and outdoor patios to catch the sun. There’s a huge woodturning stove in the yoga space to keep us extra warm!

Vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner are included, as well as tea, coffee and snacks.
Our host Anne serves the most exquisite and delicious meals you could wish for, made from locally sourced organic ingredients.

The program of the retreat includes various meditation methods, yin & yang flow, somatic movement, pure yin yoga, breath awareness, visualisation and deep relaxation. There will be ample time for a walk after lunch, local maps are available. There’s an indoor pool for our exclusive use, and a small library with yoga books.
To enhance the experience of connecting with yourself we will be unplugged and in social silence during the retreat, except at evening meal times. Silence is a time honoured tradition to cultivate a deeper quality of being. On retreat we purposely turn away from our daily preoccupations and distractions in order to meet ourselves just as we are and be open to our immediate environment.

Arrivals from 4.30pm
7 Supper
8.30 – 9.30 Introduction

7.30 – 8 Meditation
8 Breakfast
10 – 12 Yin & Yang Flow
12.30 Lunch
4 – 6 Yin Yoga
6.30 Dinner
8.30 – 9 Relaxation Meditation

7.30 – 8 Meditation
8 Breakfast
10 – 12 Yin & Yang Flow
12.00 Lunch
2 – 4 Yin Yoga

The venue is ours until Monday morning so if you like to stay on Sunday night you can, at no extra cost. Highly recommended! 

Accommodation arrangements and costs TBC.

For information and booking contact Elles.