Yin Yoga Workshops

New dates and times to be confirmed!

A mellow morning of yin yoga in which we get to explore how each movement is a play of opposites, a communication between the inward and the outward. By not doing, not pushing, not wanting, but just listening carefully to the body’s subtle messages, we can release old patterns of tension and find a real sense of ease.

This session is a great way to prepare the body for meditation. Hips, spine and shoulders, the whole body will be included in our search for balance and ease, so that by the end we can take several minutes to sit quietly and comfortably in our newly found “asana” (which literally means “seat”).

I will suggest alternatives for those who are used to meditating on a chair, or are not usually comfortable sitting on the floor.

Yin Yoga not only improves the range of motion within our joints, it also helps to calm the mind and find a sense of peace within our very being. Expect to feel refreshed and relaxed for the rest of your Sunday.

What is Yin Yoga?