TUTI Meditation

The next TUTI meditation course will be from 8 to 26 February.

Lockdown is a challenging time for many of us. We may have more time than we know what to do with, or feel stressed by unusual demands. Setting aside a moment for yourself each morning is an important step towards looking after yourself and bringing more light into your day. And especially in winter, we can do with a bit of extra light!

Lockdown provides us with a tremendous opportunity to find a kind of happiness that is independent of the adventures and travels you relied on before. The TUTI meditation mornings are there to give you a new routine with a positive intention. The presence of other people turning up at the same time as you, and meditating alongside you, is an invaluable support in that process.

For as long as the lockdown measures make it impossible for us to move about much, Elles will be hosting a simple daily morning mediation that is suitable for everybody.
Find out all you need to know here.