Yin Yoga

Sunday 10 – 12 am, via Zoom
£15 (includes recording)
Next session 28 February: Pathways of Sensation
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A mellow morning of yin yoga in which we get to explore how each movement, each gentle tug we create within a pose creates a chain response in different parts of the body. Following, allowing these guidelines of energy through the connective tissue (or fascia) to unfold is a delicious way of releasing tension. Through careful listening and non-doing we gain access to the body’s inner wisdom.

In this session we purposely take a holistic approach. We don’t focus on one particular area or set of joints, in fact we want to try and include the whole body from top to toe.

Yin Yoga not only improves the range of motion within our joints, it also helps to calm the mind and find a sense of ease within our very being. Expect to feel refreshed and relaxed for the rest of your Sunday.

What is Yin Yoga?